Eros Snuffs Amole’s Sniff?

Where is the Taare Zameen Par creator’s new film? Amole Gupte who shot to fame with his contribution to Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par followed  it up with two significant children’s films Stanley ka Dabba and Hawa Hawaai both  featuring his talented son ParthoGupte.

Now  a new children’s film Sniff featuring a talented new child Khushmeet Gill which was scheduled  for release on May 5 suddenly seems to have disappeared from the release calendar.

While director Amole Gupte refrained from comment and an Eros spokesperson  informs another release date would be announced, a source close to the development says AmoleGutpe’s Sniff is a   casualty of the Baahubali success.

“Rather than risk being swamped  by the blockbuster Eros has quietly decided to move out of the range of the Baahubali tempest. Sniff is  a small film and Eros is in no position to get ample theatres for the film. Better to move out than to be mowed under the Baahubali’s   chariot wheels, ” says the source.

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