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Fake News, Says Naveen Pollishetty About Jathi Ratnalu Remake, No Remake Plans



A report  in  a section of  the  press claims Telugu star Naveen Pollishetty  met producer  Sajid Nadiadwala with the  offer  to  remake his  superhit comedy  Jathi Ratnalu. The report  goes on to  claim that Sajid declined the offer  claiming that  the  comedy was too regional in  flavor to be translocated to a Hindi- North Indian audience.

When I reached out to Naveen Pollishetty he dismissed the report as , “Fake news”

A  source  close to  the project added, “Naveen has  not met Nadiadwala  after Chhichhore was  completed. He has  not approached Nadiadwala  with any  offer  to remake Jathi Ratnalu in Hindi.Naveen has been travelling in the US  promoting the film which  has broken all previous records  of  Telugu cinema  at  the US boxoffice.”

 The source  also adds that remake  negotiations aren’t  Naveen’s call.  “Why would  he  offer  Sajid Nadiadwala the remake rights?  Naveen is  not  the producer  of  Jathi Ratnalu. The  producers  have  no  intention of  doing a  Hindi  version  of  Jathi Ratnalu. The Telugu version has reached out to  audiences all across India and the world. Why would they  remake Jathi Ratnalu?”

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