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Filmfare Nominations: Why 12th Fail Is Likely To  Sweep The Awards



12th Fail

The Filmfare awards night is just hours away. And I can see  a  clear winner. It is none other than  Vinod Chopra’s underdog film 12th Fail about the triumph of the underdog.

Not only does  the  story of  an impoverished 12th fail  hero’s triumph   tick all the  right  boxes(or may  be  ‘tick  all the right boxes’ makes  it sound far more manipulative in  its intentions than  it actually is) it also underlines the  director Vinod Chopra’s triumphant heroic return to form after a series of directorial duds.

During the last sixteen years Chopra has only directed three films.All of them—EklavyaBroken Horses  and Shikara—have been defined by varying degrees of  dud.

It is hard to tell who is the  bigger underdog hero: Vinod Chopra or his protagonist Manoj Kumar Sharma in 12th Fail.

The  film seems to be  likely to sweep the  Filmfare awards in nearly all the categories. And that is  a good thing. Scoring such high marks in the examination of excellence ,and making such a huge  profit, 12th Film is what filmmaking should be, but is progressively, rather regressively not.

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