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Ghoomer Saiyami Kher Blows The Screen  Apart  As Amputee Cricketer




There are  films on  sports. Then there are films on the  spirit of sportsmanship . R Balki’s Ghoomer  seems to be both.The trailer,in one word, is empowering. It shows the wonderfully talented Saiyami Kher as a cricketer who loses her hand.

“I want to  die,” her agonizing scream  will haunt you  for a  long time.

Abhishek Bachchan, in what looks  like his career’s  best performance, plays  Saiyami’s burnt-out coach, looking  out for some  kind of redemption to his fast-fading existence.

The story  of  our lives  told without tears trickling down every frame.

Although the trailer is  just  a few minutes long it conveys a  far-reaching connectivity between destiny and the human spirit. I also noticed  how  Balki, the  moviemaking magician, has denuded  the  tragedy  of  all sentimentality .

This  girl  has no time  for  tears. She  needs  to rebuild her life and dreams  without  losing time. Ghoomer seems like a rare film of many distinctions. It is  about redefining one’s identity after a crisis. It is also  about  the difficulties  faced by  a woman in the field  of  cricket. We recently  saw  the same theme being threshed  out  in  the Tamil webseries  Sweet Kaaram  Coffee.

But this is  something  else.  Balki  is never shy of  tackling unconventional  subject headlong. Ghoomer  looks  another winner  about  an ostensible  loser.

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