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Great Grand Masti Passed With 22 Cuts



Producer Ashok Thakeria and director Indra Kumar can heave a sigh of relief. Their sex comedy Great Grand Masti , the horny followup to Masti and Grand Masti , has been cleared,

But with a total of 22 cuts.

The descriptions of the cuts made by the Film Certfication Appellate Tribunal(FCAT) include scenes at Riteish Deshmukh’s sex clinic where patients come with their gupt problems. In one of them a man comes to Riteish with a bee sting and in another a man tells doctor, ‘Itna mat dabaaiyee na.’ Deshmukh’s dialogue, ‘Main chadna bhool gaya hoo’ has been replaced by ‘Meri to vaat lag gayi.’

References to ‘ghanta’ in two dialogues have been ordered cut.

Vivek Oberoi’s double-meaning dialogues have also been ordered cut. These include, ‘Mere saale ki engine garam jo jaata hai.’ Which has been replaced by ‘Mera Saala mood mein aa jata hai. And the extremely vulgar line, ‘Plug ek mobile mein ghusata hoon toh battery doosre ki charge ho jaati hai’ which has been replaced by ‘Main apni biwi ko haath lagata hoon toh wahan mere saale ki khopdi charge ho jaati hai.’

Clearly Vivek’s character has a problem with his brother-in-law’s libido.

The old have not been spared either. A lady selling bananas urges the boys, ‘Pehle le lo mere kele’

Several phallic references to bananas have been asked to be removed. This ,Thakeria and Kumar have happily done.Exchange the bananas for prospective fruits of the boxoffice.

Curiously a reference to the Salman Khann starrer Judwa has also been asked to be removed.

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