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Guess What Is Keeping Barun Sobti Busy These Days?



Indian television and Russian heart-throb Barun Sobti is  busy these days  , babysitting his daughter  Sifat.

Explains Barun, “My wife  has got a job and I’m taking care  of our  daughter the whole time . She has  started walking . So she is quite  a handful.”

So consumed  is  Barun with looking after  his  daughter that he has  no  time for  anything else. “I’ haven’t been  able to read  any of the scripts  sent to me . We are planning to get  a  helping hand  soon.”

Barun  says the  joy of parenting cannot be equalled  by anything  else  in  the world. “Nothing compares with the  joy of being at home with my wife and  baby. Watching my  daughter Sifat  growing is the  best  experience.  I’d rather be at home than  do the work I  don’t believe in. And these  days because of  the  virus scare I am at home only.”

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