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Guess Who Turned Adnan Sami’s Saviour In Bangkok?



Singer composer Adnan Sami has  never been in a better place. And we are not just talking about  Bangkok where he  brought in his daughter Medina’s 6th  birthday last week.

Adnan can’t stop gushing over his little angel. “She is  a boon  a blessing. I must have done something right in  my past life to deserve my wife Roya  and my daughter Medina.”

While in Bangkok, Adnan suffered a minor mishap  while his wife was out shopping. “I chipped my molar while chewing chicken, a sharp edge of the tooth pierced my gum. I began  bleeding profusely. Medina immediately took charge. We  hunted down a dentist close to the hotel. Medina held my hand and escorted me to the  dentist’s office where I  tried telling the doctor what had happened Medina stopped me, ‘Papa, you don’t speak. Let me tell  him what happened.’ And she told the dentist exactly what happened, and then  held my hand throughout the  dental procedure.”

Sighs Adnan, “I know everyone  gushes over  their children. But my Medina is the sunshine of my life. I have been a through a lot, failed marriages  and  many court cases. But I guess this(Medina) was  the light waiting for me  at the  end  of  the tunnel. If  this is the reward  for my suffering then I’m ready to go through it all over again.”

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