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Gurmeet Choudhary Welcomes Lord Ganesha



Gurmeet Choudhary Welcomes Lord Ganesha

Television and  film actor  Gurmeet Chowdhary  and his wife Debina welcomed  Lord  Ganesha home for Ganesha Chaturthi.

Says Gurmeet Chowdhary , “Like every year, this year also we  are  celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi and I’ve made  the idol myself. I am really excited .This  is one of our favourite festivals !This is  the time of the year  my wife Debina  and I wait  excitedly for. Covid or no Covid,  for us  Ganesha Chaturthi  is a must.”

Gurmeet Chowdhary feels  this to be the most important  of all the Hindu festivals. “Ganesh Chaturthi plays a significant role in our life. It is said that once Lord Ganesha enters your home it marks the start of a new and happy beginning so I have been looking forward to this festival since childhood!Debina and I have been celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi festival since at least 10 years”

What’s more,  Gurmeet Chowdhary makes his  own  idol.”I have been making Ganpati idols with my own organic clay since the past 2 years. They have been the most special years for me because the devotion and feeling that comes from within while making an idol with your hand is surreal.”

Gurmeet Chowdhary ’s entire family participates  in the Festival. “When Lord Ganesha arrives in our house, the entire family gathers to take care of him and it’s a pure and blissful feeling when he is home. During Visarjan, it’s always a bittersweet feeling of saying goodbye to him but hoping he comes back soon the next year again puts a smile on our faces.”

This year there is  more reason  to pray. “There is  sickness and death  everywhere. We will pray to Lord Ganesha to rid  civilization  of the Coronova virus.”

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