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Happy For You, Bipasha But….



Bipasha Basu is the third actress-friend  this year to get married. For those who came in late Preity Zinta and Urmila Matondkar tied the knot with the men of their choice in February and March. Their decision was so sudden it took me by surprise.

Bipasha’s announcement about her wedding on 30 April came as no surprise. She was planning the move and had in fact discreetly informed her trusted media friends about all the details with the standard rider, ‘Don’t quote me.’ Bipasha has always cultivated a  solid rapport with media persons. I was one of them. We spent a lot of time chatting on and off record when she was not doing horror.

I was around to see her relationship grow with John Abraham. I don’t know what went wrong. They seemed to be a couple forever.They had their  tiffs  and rifts. But they would  come back together. When they split permanently I was given to understand John was cheating on her. I believed this back then. Whenever a couple separates we tend to believe it’s the man’s fault.

I am not that sure any longer. After John, Bipasha went into  an unacknowledged relationship with Rana Daggubatti . This was followed by  Harman Baweja(whose career’sdownslid as he went from Priyanka Chopra to Bipasha) .This too also came to a deadend. Bipasha’s career too took a nosedive.The less said about her slotting as a ‘horror queen’ in films that were intentionally frighteningly funny, the better.

When I criticized her awful films and performances she was upset. By the time the KaranSingh Grover chapter opened in Bipasha’s book of love I knew nothing about what was going on in her life.Somehow Karan Singh Grover seemed a stretch. But then who are others to judge? Bipasha, as it turns out,  was  dead serious about her feelings for him.

Now she is all set to make her feelings official on April 30.I do hope Mr Grover turns out to be Mr Right for Bipasha. The girl is all heart and with not a malicious bone in her body. One has heard stories abour Mr Grover. Besides , this is his third marriage . So the question that Bipasha must have asked herself and hopefully got an answer for is this:  if it didn’t work twice for Mr Grover, what makes her think it will work a third time?

Let’s hope career frustrations don’t creep into the marriage. Neither of the two has producers knocking down their newly-constructed marital door(‘Mr & Mrs Grover’?)  to sign them. But yes, they have love.And that is enough for now.I still think John Abraham was the guy for Bipasha.Just like I still believe the biggest mistake Karisma Kapoor made was to marry on rebound.

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