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Holly Slept Over: All Talk No Sex



Holly Slept Over(Amazon)

Starring  Josh Lawson, Nathalie Emmanuel, Britt Lower, Erinn Hayes, and Ron Livingston

Directed  by  Joshua Friedlander

Rating: **

 This is a sexy film with little sex, at least  not until very late  in  the screenplay when we are  all too tired  to even yawn . This is when the film’s  protagonists  decide to  do a  threesome  with an  old  college friend  of  the wife.

The  friend ,a stunning beauty  almost mesmeric in  her impact,  was so at odds  with the  rest of  the  film’s mediocrity that  I wondered  if she belonged to  another film altogether, and had walked into this one  my mistake.At least, that’s the feeling I got. Poor Holly deserves better. So do we.

But this comes  much later. At first  there is   just Noel  and Audrey played with a distracting apathy by Josh Lawson and  Nathalie Emmanuel . Their marriage, we gather, has arrived at a stage  of  stagnancy and  the only excitement  Josh feels is when his  neighour/best friend Peter(played with lipsmacking cheesiness by Ron Livingston)  describes his bedroom escapades  with  his  wife  to  Josh. Peter’s lurid decriptions are flush with bodily fluids and  their rebellious  discharge.

 I  suspect Peter  just makes up these  fluid fantasies to ensure he  gets Josh’s attention. Josh, poor chap, finds his  attention straying from  his  wife  when the beauteous Holly  comes to visit. Nathalie Emmanuel(seen in Game  Of  Thrones)  is the  only saving grace of this  all-talk-no-action  bore  in which the actors try to act  involved  with  the  ridiculous   problems   of their  characters.But end  up looking unimpressed  .

 With  little  to hold on to , the actors  look more lost then  lustful. Until Holly’s arrival , the film hobbles  along  with painful selfawareness   trying to look avante garde. After  Holly arrives the going gets  even  tougher for the screenplay as  it tries to convince  itself about the ménage  a trois while Noel tries to  convince his wife and her erstwhile bestfriend why they should  get together in bed.

 The  threesome’s sex scene  will have you rolling on the  floor in embarrassed laughter. No body part shown as the three  players entwine limbs  and  act  and sexed –up. This is  ‘R’ rated stuff  pounded down to  a Disney   wholesomeness. Highly  unconvincing and seriously ill-paced Holly Slept Over would  make you want  to watch porn. After viewing this sanitized sex comedy where there is no sex, only people talking about it, I  just wished Holly hadn’t slept over.

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