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How Asha Bhosle Sang The Drug Anthem Dum Maro Dum Instead Of Lata Mangeshkar



 Believe  it or not,  the  the drug  anthem Dum maro dum mit jaye gham from Hare Rama Hare Krishna  was to be sung by Lata Mangeshkar!!

At  least that  was  composer Rahul Dev Burman’s orginal plan. But then the film’s producer-director-leading man Dev Anand, who had a keen ear  for music, suggested Asha Bhosle for Dummaro dum.

“Lata sang  two beautiful solos Phoolon ka taaron ka, Ho ho re  ghungroo and a  lovely duet Kanchi re for me in  Hare Rama  Hare KrishnaDum maro dum didn’t seem  right for her,” Dev Saab told me.

 That’s how Asha stepped in. Even after her sterling singing the song almost didn’t  make it into the  film.

When Dev Anand heard Dum maro dum he told RD he found it strange and decided to  drop it from the  film. In a panic RD pleaded to at  least let the song be  part of the film’s  soundtrack album,  if not  part  of  the film.

Eventually  Dum  maro dum was filmed  and became one  of the biggest hits of RD and Asha’s career.

Ashaji once told me  Dum maro dum was  the most  requested song  at her live concerts after Oh mere sona re(Teesri Manzil).

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