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How Much Did The Ambanis Actually Pay Rihanna?



Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding celebrations touched an all-time high, at least cost wise,  with Rihanna’s performance on Friday evening which, according to a star guest at Jamnagar,  was  “so-so…nothing to  rave about.I’ve seen her(Rihanna) do much better.’

 But how much was Rihanna paid for her  “so-so” performance?

Estimates  run from anything between  40 to 70. And  we are  talking crores.

I  got an insider  to comment on  Rihanna’s performance.

 She revealed, “Getting Rihanna to perform at the wedding would have made more sense. I asked  what she was paid to prance around on stage for the pre-wedding celebrations,  and I was told  it was  65(crores). Go ahead and whistle, if you can. This fee included firstclass tickets for the lady and her team . The  musicians and their instruments  cost a fortune  to transport  to Jamnagar. But who is  counting pennies here? Darling, we are  talking about not  only the richest family in India, but one of the richest in the  world.”

 The same  source tells  me the  family intends to  get even bigger names to perform  for the actual wedding. Names like Taylor Swift,Jennifer Lopez  and Elton John are being bandied. But nothing concrete yet.

 Interestingly , the Indian  performers, I am told, were  not paid even a fraction of what Rihanna  got.

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