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Hrithik Roshan’s Ad Gets The Axe



Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik   didn’t know  what  he  was getting into  when he  agreed to be  part of  the food chain Zomato’s campaign to  promote their Mahakal  restaurant  in  Ujjain.

 Now the custodians  of  the much-revered Mahaakal temple in  Ujjain are deeply offended. They want an immediate apology and a withdrawal of the ad. Both, they’ve  already got in no  time at all.  But it’s just not enough.

Heads will roll. Zomato and Hrithik Roshan now find themselves in big trouble with threats of FIRs and  “suitable” action. Roshan has  already offended rightwingers with his  public support of Laal Singh  Chaddha,a film which is under the  radical radar  because  of  Aamir Khan.

 The  anti-Bollywood campaigners  on  social media  have called for a  boycott of Hrithik Roshan’s  forthcoming film Vikram Veda. With the  Zomato  ad causing inadvertent  offence to  rightwingers,  there is likely to be more trouble ahead  for Hrithik .

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