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“I Am Devastated,” Says Juhi Chawla on death of Rishi Kapoor



Amitabh Bachchan’s tweet  announcing Rishi Kapoor’s death came as a bolt from the blue  . Everyone  knew Rishiji  was  very unwell and that he had a relapse in  February. At that time  a close family friend had told me, “He’s very unwell . But he’s in denial. He  just won’t accept how  unwell he is.”

That his condition would worsen so  rapidly and that we would lose two  brilliant actors first  Irrfan and now RK,   in just 24 hours, confirms that this year is indeed the worst year  in living memory.

When I contacted  one  of  Rishi Kapoor’s closest  co-stars  Juhi Chawla she said, “It’s  too sad…just  too sad.I’m devastated. I just can’t believed this…sorry don’t feel like  being on the  phone…sorry.”

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