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“I Couldn’t Bear to See Her In So Much Pain.”Actor Sahil Anand Mourns The Death Of His Friend Divya Chouskey



 Actor  Sahil Anand  is  still in  shock about  the  passing  away  of  actress Divya Chouksey .

“We had worked together  in the film  Hai Apna Dil  Toh Aawara  in 2016. It  was  directed  by  the late actor  Joy Mukherjee’s son Toy . Divya and I  hit it off instantly. She  made me her brother and we were  siblings  until her sudden passing away,” says  Sahil .

“She was  very much like me. We  both were fun-loving optimists, always making others laugh.She loved to  do comedy just like me. Then she suddenly disappeared from Mumbai. I later got to know she  had  gone back to her home in Bhopal.I didn’t’t know why,” recalls Sahil.

“When she  returned, she told me had cancer and that she didn’t want to tell me  about it. I  was shocked. However  she reassured me she had recovered. But after a few months she had a relapse, and she  never recovered this  time,”  Sahil mourns for his sister.

“I had a video chat with her some time before her death. I could hardly recognize her. I have had terminally ill relatives in my  family and I’ve seen that  look of death on their face. I tried to make  Divya laugh. But she  could hardly breathe.She  barely managed to utter a few words. Her suffering was  unbearable  for her and  for me,” Sahil says, wishing and  hoping that his sister is in a  better place.

“I don’t know why  somebody as  positive and full of life  as  Divya had to  go,” Sahil trails off. Attachments area

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