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“If I Had To Have Masaba All Over Again, “ Neena Gupta



Amit Sharma Signs Neena Gupta In The Intern

 On 2 November 1989, actress Neena Gupta gave birth  to her daughter Masaba whose father the legendary West Indian cricketer  Vivian Richards was not married to Neena Gupta.

 By becoming a  single mother, Neena Gupta sent shock waves across  the  conservative  corridors  of  the Indian entertainment industry.

 Looking back the Badhai  Ho actress has  no regrets about her decision. However  she  wishes Masaba had a father at home to  share Neena’s parenting  responsibilities. “Having Msabaa  is the  best  decision of my life.But if I had to live my life again I’d want  to  have a  family and a husband to  support my  parenthood. I’d want the  child’s father  with me. Not so far away.”

  However  Neena Gupta is thankful  for her daughter. “What I’ve got  is most precious, Sure, I made sacrifices. But it’s all worth  it. Masaba  is  the  best thing to happen to my  life.”

In   an interview with  me in 2008 when Neena Gupta got  married to Delhi-based  Vivek Mehra  ,she  had said to me, “Much as I’m thrilled with the new developments in my life, Masaba is my top concern. She always will be. I can’t leave her alone in Mumbai where she is studying fashion designing. So I guess I’ll be shuttling between Delhi and Mumbai. You see, at the end of the day it’s just me for Masaba. So I can’t afford to slip up.”

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