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Is Ananya Pandey’s Arrest Imminent?



Ananya Pandey

Ananya Pandey to be NEXT?

From the time the name of  an “upcoming  actress” came  up in  chats found in Aryan  Khan’s phone  it was  rumoured  in  the  film industry that the actress  being referred  to was  none other  than  Ananya Pandey, the daughter  of Chunky Pandey who was introduced  by Karan  Johar in Student Of  The  Year 2  in 2019.

Ananya Pandey’s parents  feared  an NCB summons. Their worse fears have come  true. Ananya Pandey has  been  grilled and her electronic devices have been seized.  If  more incriminating  evidence  is discovered,informed  sources say she is  trouble,  deep  trouble, perhaps deeper than  Aryan.

The new development also  complicates  the scenario further for Aryan Khan’s bail issue.The NCB  is likely to  submit more names to  further obstruct Shah Rukh Khan’s son’s bail plea.

There is also some talk of Ananya Pandey being arrested within  the next few days. A  horrific thought  considering  she is  just  22.But the  rationale  behind  the current swoop-down on star kids—and  it is  a swoop-down –is  not  only  to set an anti-drugs example  but also to let the public at-large know that if you  old  enough to do drugs them  you are  old enough to  go to jail also.

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