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Is It A Good Idea To Convert Bell Bottom Into 3D?



Bell Bottom

We  get  it.  By   converting a 2D film director Ranjit  Tiwari’s  Bell Bottom  into 3D the  producers are  trying to provide some  major incentive  to the  audience to  get into movie theatres  to watch   the  film when  it releases  on August  19.

But  converting a 2D film  into  3D has always been disastrous. The  way  to make a film in 3D is to shoot in 3D , and not thrust  the technology  on  the  work.

However  trade  guru Taran Adarsh  says  it’s a  good idea. “It’s a great idea to release Bell Bottom in 3D because one, it’s a big-budget film with Akshay Kumar essaying the lead role, so, obviously, the expectations are sky-high. Two, hopefully, it should be the first Hindi biggie to release in cinemas after they reopen. Three, the feel of watching a big film on the big screen in 3D holds its own charm. Therefore, I feel, it’s a wise move on the producers part to release it in 3D.”

  Says Girish Johar, Producer & Film Business Expert, “By releasing Bell Bottom in 3D the makers not only enhance the audiences viewing but also get a chance for screening the film for a wider audiences not only in India, to beat the capacity restrictions SOPs but also in overseas markets too. Hence larger audiences can be catered.”

  Girish feels 3D could  increase  Bell Bottom’s  boxoffice feasibility, “Also the probability of earning revenues increases. 3D ticket prices are normally higher  all across the globe than the regular ones. Finally, 3D should be initiated only if the film can bring in that extra value to the audiences along with extraordinary screen visuals blended with the story of the film.”

Well-known  film  exhibitor Akshaye Rathi is more cautious in his enthusiasm for  the converted  format. “The impact of 3D is optimized when the content and shot design lends itself to the format. Without knowing those aspects of Bell Bottom, it would be tough to guess how well the film may perform in 3D. However, 3D is an offering that isn’t replaceable on mobile phones and TVs and hence, the excitement around that  element can make consumers prefer watching the film in cinema halls over engaging in piracy during the course of its theatrical run.”

Trade  analyst Atul Mohan also  feels adding a third dimension to  Bell Bottom may not be  such a   good  idea.  “We have to offer audiences something different to attract them to the cinemas. Watching a big film on big screen is one big experience and we all are missing that. But at the same time you have to make sure whether your subject requires the 3D viewing experience. When we talk about 3D  first thing that  comes to mind is sci-fi, war or mythological films loaded with VFX.Also watching a 3D film is a  little expensive as it entails cost of glasses.”

Atul brings  up the  very important  issue  of  the  hygiene  factor. “ Sanitization should not be an issue as we are already using disposable or take away glasses at plexes. Producers and exhibitors should ensure that they use disposable glasses.”

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