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“It is totally false. I am very much there working at YRF ,” Says Chandraprakash Dwivedi



A  report   on  Monday stating that  Chandraprakash Dwivedi who is  directing Prithviraj Chauhan for YashRaj films has had  a fall-out  with the Yash Raj scion  Aditya Chopra , had the film industry  abuzz.The report also stated  that Aditya has blocked  the Prithviraj Chauhan director from editing his own film, all this  because he had “dared” to sign another project without  taking Aditya Chopra’s  permission.

However when I touched based with Dr Dwivedi he denied the  reports completely,  “It is totally false. I am very much there working at YRF.”

A  source from Yashraj told this  writer,  “Chandraprakash Dwivedi is under no  long-term contract with Yash Raj. After he completes Prithviraj Chauhan for Yash Raj he’s free to make any other  film with any  producer.”

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