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“I’ve Joined The 100-Crore Club,” Kamal Haasan Tongue-In-Cheek Response To Being Sued



There seems to be  no end to the legal troubles being faced by Kamal Haasan over Bigg Boss in Tamil which he began  hosting last month.

After being legally reprimanded for naming the assault victim in the Malayalam actor Dileep’s case, KamalHaasan has now been pulled up along with the channel hosting Bigg Boss Tamil for the use  of the word cheri(slum)  by one  of the contestants.

Puthiya Tamizhagam founder-president Dr K Krishnaswamy has sent a 100-crore defamation notice to KamalHaasan and the Channel alleging that the word hurt the sentiments of an an entire community.

It is baffling why the host should be pulled up for  a contestants’ words. Imagine if Salman Khan had to be legally answerable  for  the inane utterances  of  Swami Om.

Seeing the lighter side of it Kamal Haasan says, “I have joined a 100-crore club that no actor in India , it seems , will dare join. In my opinion this is a venerable 100-crore club too.  It creates new stars of avarice on the opposite side, who sue for money and notoriety. They are surely assured infamy , though sadly may be not any money at all.I am not paying anything.”

Significantly Kamal Haasan points that the same organization and  individual had sued him many years ago for another imagined insult. “In this case it is the same noble man who fought to change my film’s name Sandiyarat some one’s behest. They said the title glorifies rogues and  thugs.Where was his wrath when a few years later a film with the same name was released?”

Kamal Haasan feels the legal action is dictated by invisible  hands. “This gentleman(  Dr K Krishnaswamy)  speaks on command and stays by the heel on command. I am a different animal ….born free and will fight to live and die that way.”

Amen to that.



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