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Jacqueline Fernandez Dating Michele Morrone Is  Poor Diversionary Tactic



Jacqueline Fernandez,

Jacqueline Fernandez  and her team  are  desperate  to divert attention from her current  crisis  with the Enforcement Directorate regarding her  allegedly  lucrative relationship  with an extortionist and  scamster.

 In order to deflect attention,  Team  Fernandez has now come up  with  a  story linking the Bachchan  Pandey actress with   Michele Morrone, the  Italian sex machine from  Netflix’s  365 Days  franchise.

A  close friend of  Ms Fernandez is taken aback by this information. “This is  the  first time I am hearing  of this. Where did that come from? This is probably  an attempt to  divert attention from her problems.”

Ms Fernandez and  Mr Morrone did shoot a music video together  some months ago, for which  he had flown down to Mumbai . However  according to sources, there has been no  communication  between the two thereafter .

“Not beyond the   normal hi and  hello on social media,even that  is doubtful.Certainly no communication suggesting they are even  remotely connected,” the  friend  informs.

Phantom of  the  whitewashing  opera?

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