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Jamtara Sab Ka Number Ayega Is Pointless &  Boring



Jamtara Sab Ka Number Ayega

Directed  by Soumendra Padhi

Rating:  *

Jamatara  in  Jharkhand is  the  hub of phone  scams. An entire industry of  phishing  exists there. A fairly  interesting series based  on the Jamtara phishing  scam came to us in 2020. Now  barely a   year later,comes  the  next season of a  series which said everything there was  to in  the first season

The second  season of Jamtara  Sab ka Number Ayega has  nothing to say. Nothing that we haven’t already seen, It is  one  big long yawn  stretching into eight episodes  which have absolutely no recall value . Not even the addition of  the  formidable Seems Pahwa helps. She play  sa  corrupt politician( which  is the only kind of politician we get to see on screen) who  sits  with her leg up on the table.

Ill-mannered uncouth  characters abound in this series  about corruption  in  powerful corridors. The  director  favours the  dingy look in every  frame. Such serials  set in the  North Indian heartland are easy and  economical  to make: all you need to do is go to a mofussil  town  in Bihar,Uttar Pradesh or Madhya Pradesh , point your camera  anywhere and  you have the setting you want.

 Very little  detailing has gone into the construction  of  Jamtara Season 2. The  presentation is  haphazard  enough  to  appear suspiciously compromised. How does such trash get past  the checkpoint?  Throwing in a  couple of  stalwart  actors  doesn’t help when the  entire cast  of young adults  look like they haven’t bathed or  done any serious thinking for months.

The reckless nature of the phishing is  more reflective  of the  brains behind the series than the characters in front of the camera who  act as though they were being held accountable at   gunpoint. Monika  Panwar as Gudiya Mondal  married to Sunny  Mondal(Sparsh Srivastav) brother  to   Rocky Mondal (Anshuman Puskar) cousin to  Rinku  Mondal(Ravi Chahar) are  the protagonists running phone scams right under the administrations’  nose.They have nothing to lose.

Oh, I  nearly forgot:  there is a  hard-nosed  female  cop Dolly Sahu (Aksha Pardasany) on the  phishing trail. She takes on the  cheesy  politician Brajesh Bhan(Amit Sial) with  furious guts .But  she  never gets a  voice to validate  her  honest  mission.

 I nearly expected Dolly to  have a secret love life. So many female cops in  recent web serials are lesbian,it’s almost pandemic.

The  aimless  lackluster series has little to  offer  that’s new , let alone exciting. Blazing guns and flaring nostrils  do not make  for  high-voltage entertainment. Who is  going to tell the  brains behind this  boorish  binge  of bullets  and  bullshit   that violence  per se is no longer shocking? Holding back the  free flow of filth is.

Squalid  violence went  out of  style with Mirzapur.

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