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Jassi Gill: “People Are Saying I’m The Ideal Husband”



Canada-based Punjabi singer-actor Jassi Gill  is  now tasting success belatedly in Bollywood. Playing Kangana Ranaut’s  supremely  supportive spouse in Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari’s aspirational  masterpiece Panga Jassi is getting a whole lot of  positive attention.

It’s been a 9-year journey in Bollywood  for  Jassi. “I started here in 2001. And no,Panga is not my debut in Hindi, though a  lot of people I meet now  tell me they wish this was  my debut. But I’m equally  proud  of my  debut in Happy Phir Bhaag Jayegi. I  worked with equal sincerity in both  Happy Bhaag Jayegi and  Panga. After that,  the fate  of a film and my performance is  not in my hands.One reason why  my performance in  Happy Bhaag Jayegi went  relatively unnoticed  was that I wore a turban in the that  film and  many people didn’t happen recognize me.”

Jassi’s  sincere turn as  Kangana’s supportive  husband in Panga has set new standards  for a role-model husband.

Jassi laughs, “It feels good when  I hear people say that . In the film there is  a  dialogue , ‘Pehle ladkiyaan apne patiyon ko Shah Rukh Khan ki tarah romantic banne ko kehti thi, ab Prashant, my character,  ki tarah supportive banne ko kahengi.’  I  feel happy to be playing a man who is so supportive of his wife’s dreams.”

 Jassi says playing a  supportive  spouse comes naturally to him  since  he comes from a  family where  women are  naturally empowered. “I’ve three sisters who  are older than me and all  of them were encouraged by my parents to follow their dreams. My wife is a qualified professional  and I have always been the  ‘Prashant’ in her life.”

Jassi and his wife have a  baby now she is   a homemaker in Canada now.  Jassi divides his time between  Canada and India.

“I do miss my wife and child when I’m in India working. But I make  sure to fly back for brief visits as  many times as  I can,” says  Jassi who is at heart a singer much more than an actor.

“I’m not in a  hurry to sign any new film. My family and my meals  do not depend on my acting career. I’m predominantly a singer. As for acting, I have one more Hindi film on hand called Sonam Gupta Bewafa  Hai.I am not allowed to say much  about it until the  producers work out the logistics  of  release. Right now I am just enjoying the image  of the ideal husband that Pangahas given me.”S

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