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Javed Akhtar Confirms Rakhi Sawant’s Claim



Javed Akhtar Confirms Rakhi Sawant’s Claim 6

 On  Friday we  woke  up to what seemed  like  another tall claim by the  delusional Rakhi Sawant. This time she said  the renowned  writer Javed Akhtar wanted  to make a film on her  life.

I decided  to check on Ms Sawant’s  seemingly far-fetched  claim  with Javed Saab.

To my surprise it turned out to be  true!

Says  Javed Saab, “No , she is right . I think some four or five years back we were on the same flight and she told me about her childhood and I  did tell her that some day I would like to write a a script based on her life .”

Well it seems  for once  this lady  from  cuckooland  was  not day-dreaming. Rakhi has been in the  news  for her antics on  Bigg Boss. If Javed Saab indeed writes a script on her life, we must have Farhan Akhtar directing the  film. Of course  Rakhi  will play herself. No other actress deserves that honour.