‘Jolly’ Good: Is  Jolly LLB2 Guilty Of Contempt Of Court? Censor Chief Says No

The honourable Bombay High Court has appointed  a 3-member committee to look into the very serious allegation  that SubhashKapoor’s Jolly LLB 2 is guilty of reducing the judiciary to a laughing stock.

In their defence the producers of Jolly LLB say their film has been cleared by the Censor Board Of Film Certification(CBFC) , hence all objections thereafter should be  over-ruled.

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CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani is in complete support of the film’s right to provide entertaiment. “See, at the of the day it’s just a film, not a documentary. Kuch toh banaawati hoga(there will be some amount of fictionalization). We cannot be over-sensitive about every comment or situations in a film.If we judge films according to our individual sensitivities there will be no cinema left. Subhash Kapoor will have to make ‘Jolly Good fellow’ and Sanjay Bhansali will be left with only  his Padma Sri,” avers Nihalani, adding that a film must not be judged on the basis of a trailer.

“Those claiming that Jolly LLB 2 insults the judiciary have not seen  the film. They’ve only seen the trailers. And these are not a true measure of a film’s content. Very often filmmakers voluntarily delete portions shown in the trailers before submitting the film to us at theCBFC. The makers of Jolly LLB came to us after removing the reference to Bata shoe company to which Bata had taken offence.”

Nihalani points out that the trailers seen on the internet are uncensored. “Many times the content in the trailers on the digital format are not what you get to see in the film. Please note, the trailers on the digital platform are not certified by  the CBFC. The trailers on the internet are not a reliable source to judge the content of the film.Only the trailers seen in movie theatres are certified by theCBFC.”

As far as  Jolly LLB2 is concerned Nihalani pertinently adds that theCBFC has instructed the producers to place the following disclaimer at the start of the film: “ This film is a work of fiction and is not based on and/or  intended to be based on the life of any person dead or alive.Any similarity/resemblance to the life or events in the life of any person  living or dead is merely coincidental and unintentional.All characters, backdrops and incidents portrayed  and the names used in this film  are fictitious and any resemblance to reality , names, character  and history  is pure coincidence.This film is for entertainment  purpose and has no intention of disrespecting any community, city  or state.”

Asks Nihalani, “Doesn’t the above disclaimer in Jolly LLB2 put an end to all allegations? We at the CBFC are a responsible organization. We are proud of what of doing our job .Because we know we ensure that no disrespect is caused to any community religion culture or individual.”


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