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Kajol, And The Racist ‘N’ Slur



It is  hard to believe  that Kajol actually went on a public  platform to utter the banned ‘N’word for African Americans.The video has now gone viral. And the actress  is being savagely  trolled.

Kajol should know that in the  US ,calling  African  Americans by the  ‘N’ word   would land one in  jail.Was  she ignorant  or arrogant?Didn’t she  know that casteist and racist terms are banned  across the words?

Or is it that she doesn’t care?

A leading director who  has not worked with Kajol says she doesn’t filter her comments. “She  thinks she is exempted  by the rules of normal  conversation. If you are Kajol you  are supposed to  let your sharp tongue be  a fashion statement. Kajol  mom(Tanuja) is  also like that. But she knows where  to stop.”

Apparently, while  promoting her  new  series(The Trial) Kajol refused to  follow  any  brief from the marketing team. When they gently tried to  restrain her from making controversial statement at  the  media  gatherings  to promote the series, she  rudely ticked them off.

The  racist slur, using the  N word so  casually in public, smacks of  selfimportance  of the I-can-do-no wrong kind.

Celebrities , and Kajol, is one of them, cannot afford to be flippant with their words in public. If Kajol thought the  banned word for the Black African has a certain currency to it or maybe a shock value, then she was  wrong.

Woefully misguided, actors  need to refrain from making politically  incorrect statement.

A  co-stars of  Kajol’s who  describes  her as “uncensorable” defends  her saying. “I am sure she didn’t  mean  to offend anyone.The problem is, no one tells Kajol or Salman Khan that they are  going wrong  in their conduct  or conversation. These two don’t listen to anyone.I don’t think Kajol pays attention to her diplomatic husband’s advice.”

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