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Kalki Koechlin launches Cottonworld’s Happy T’s- Good for you, farmers and the environment



Kalki Koechlin seems to strongly believe in “If you do good, good will be done to you” and so she has been part of the Cottonworld’s Happy Ts, a range of T-shirts made with 100% organically sourced cotton. Kalki was spotted today afternoon at the Cottonworld store located in Bandra promoting the Happy T’s with a happy face. 
In order to promote this new venture, Kalki wore a Happy T from Cottonworld to the event and looked absolutely adorable. She was seen posing for the paparazzi with the director of Cottonworld, Mr. Lavin Lekhraj with a beaming smile and charming personality. 
Happy T’s from Cottonworld is a range of T-shirts made with 100% organically sourced cotton. Proceeds from sale of the Tee’s will go to Indian farmers growing organic cotton in the Vidharbha region which has been plagued by suicides due to current agricultural practices. This is being undertaken in association with NGO Chetna Vikas.  Chetna Vikas is a non-profit social organisation based in India. They primarily work with organic cotton farmers helping over 5,000 families across 120 villages in Wardha, Maharashtra. The initiative aims to show support towards using organic cotton and using sustainable farming methods.
Joining hands for a good cause Kalki said, “I am very honoured to be associated with an initiative as noble as Happy T’s from Cottonworld. I am a big fan of everything organic, and have even started using many organic natural products in everyday like starting with cold pressed virgin coconut oil for my hair, skin, food etc. therefore, when Cottonworld came to me with this idea of launching Happy T’s that will help these honest farmers of the Vidharbha region, I was on board immediately. We went to Wardha which is ahead of Nagpur, Maharashtra for the shoot and it was such a fun day. We got to spend time with the farmers, who were extremely shy initially and it was heartbreaking as well as shocking to hear about their situation and the number of suicides in the region. Happy T’s is good for you, the environment and most importantly, the farmers, so I urge everyone to come and buy one, the fact that they are super comfortable, 100 percent organic and stylish comes as an added bonus. I am extremely grateful to be here today!”
The director of Cottonworld, Lavin Lekhraj expressed his joy by saying, “Kalki has been very kind and has been a part of Cottonworld for a year now. We are extremely grateful and delighted that she is here today to launch the Happy T’s.The Happy T’s campaign is a part of the CWVOW Mission 2030. Cottonworld has taken a pledge that we shall try and be as sustainable as possible by the year 2030, improve the wellbeing of customers and the livelihood of workers in our supply chain; encourage recycling of clothes and produce clothing made using best possible sustainable fabrics.”

All in all, an event with a heart and a t shirt with a message! 

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