Kamal Haasan Cannot Return To The Studios For 2 Months

It’s a long involuntary lay-off  for Kamal Haasan who had a nasty fall last month.

The accident has put him off the whirl map for three months.

Says the house bound actor, “My foot is healing. The pain is considerably reduced. So yes, I am better and back at home .I will be receiving visitors from Monday . Doctors were worried about infection after surgery . Hence the curfew. Now the stitches are off I can meet friends. “

The shooting for his new comedy Shabash Naidu remains suspended. “I won’t be returning any time soon to  shoot  Shabash Naidu. Now I am walking with support. Then U need to walk  without suppoer  and then without an obvious limp . I guess I will need  two months to recover fully.”

It can now be told that the accident which broke Kamal Haasan’s leg  could have been fatal. “I fell a good 18 feet from my favourite corner of my office which I had been using to brood and ruminate for years and years. It just caved in! Just like that!”

The floor simply collapsed under Kamal Haasan. “It was so silly.As silly as Mr Bachchan  burning his hand severely with a firecracker during Diwal. After surviving Myasthenia Gravis and a near-fatal injury during  the shooting of Coolie Mr Bachchan was incapacitated by a firecracker (in 1983)that left him with a hand injury for months.”

Kamal Haasan considers himself lucky. “It could have been much worse. After the fall I was bleeding profusely. I could’ve bled to death. Luckily for me there was someone else in the office with me at the time that it happened.”

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