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Kangana Wants Deepika To Apologize



Deepika Padukone’s recent  promotional gambit on TikTok  where she asked a  fan to recreate her  ‘look’  of the acid-attack survivor  in  Chhapaak has provoked a severe backlash  .

The latest  to  join in the  chorus of  naysayers  is Kangana Ranaut who has  spoken out against  Deepika’s ill-advised  marketing  gimmick. “Rangoli is an acid-attack survivor and she was very hurt seeing the video. Sometimes, marketing teams tend to go overboard with their promotions, and I am sure Deepika must be having some explanation for this…The people who are hurt like my sister should be apologized to. This is not a make-up look and nobody should try and achieve it. That kind of insensitivity should be apologized for and there is no harm in doing that because we all make mistakes.”

For Deepika, Chhapaak has been  a series  of  misfired marketing strategies,  like the ill-advised  visit to  the  JNU , the  decision to exclude Laxmi Aggarwal(the real-life  character who inspired the film) from  most of  the  promotional events  for  the film,  and now  the trauma of  an acid-attack  survivor trivialized on social media.

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