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“Karan Johar Is A Broken Man”,  Says A Close Friend



Karan Johar has never been  more affected  by trolls than he is  now  by all the  brouhaha  that has ensued after  Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. The savage  criticism that he has received for  being the face of nepotism  has taken  a serious toll on Karan’s health.

 A  very close  friend reveals,  “Karan  is a broken man.  After  being trolled for  years  he thought he had  developed  a thick skin. But the brutal  hatred that he has received  after Sushant’s  death has  left him shattered.”

 What  has  affected Karan  so  severely this  time?

“It’s the fact that those  close  to him are being attacked that makes Karan feel really guilty. His  3-year  old twins are getting  death threats . Somebody like Ananya  Pandey who has no connection with  Sushant , had a hater on  the social  media platform asking her to  commit suicide  to compensate for  Sushant’s death. For  God’s sake, she is  just a child!  Ananya went running to her  parents in tears,” says Karan’s friend.

Does Karan intend  to come  out with any  statement  regarding Sushant?

“None  at  all.Lawyers’ advice.  Better to keep mum. Karan is in no condition  to speak. The fight has gone  out  of  him. He looks like a  man beaten by  fate. It’s not a pleasant experience   to speak to Karan . He  breaks down and cries when we call  him. He  is constantly  crying and asking what he has done to deserve this,” says  the friend, adding that he fears  for Karan.

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