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Karan Johar Out Of Sooryavanshi? Bakwaas!




Stop this  mob-lynching at once!  Just because  Karan  Johar is  going through some rough times  in the social media  it doesn’t follow that  the  industry is turning its back on him. This is  the  impression that’s  being created by self-motivated elements who derive great joy and pleasure in  trying to bring  Karan down.

Don’t ask me why. We  are a nation of stone-pelting  sadists. The more successful an individual, the more we want to see  him down.

So  coming to the  tweet, the worst  kind of instant journalism being practised  in India, that  said  Karan Johar’s  had been  eased  out as  a producer  by Reliance Entertainment’s Rohit Shetty and Akshay Kumar on Sooryavanshi  ,  the  information is  to put it  simply, plain junk.

Says  Shibasish Sarkar, CEO Reliance Entertainment,  “It’s completely  wrong information. Someone tweeted  it yesterday.And that tweet spread like there  was  no tomorrow.We’ve  clarified the  matter  a multiple  number  of times yesterday.”

While Akshay Kumar  chose not to  comment on  the “non-issue”  a  source  close to Akshay says, “To suggest  that Karan Johar would be  dropped from a project and his investments returned is plainly juvenile.Are we in kindergarten  to behave  this way?”

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