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Karan Johar Won’t Be Summoned By NCB Anytime Soon



Karan  Johar has  no  indirect  or direct link with the emerging drug racket in Bollywood. His  public statement  that his two so-called associates Anubhav Chopra and Kshitij Prasad who have been named in the racket, are in  no way associated  with Dharma  Production, is a significant move  towards Karan’s  exoneration in the progressively murky scam.

 About the infamous  party at Karan Johar’s  residence hosted on July 28 , 2019 one of  his star guests that  evening  told this writer there was  no  drugs  being consumed that night.  “Are we mad to be snorting powder  openly at  a party?And  who among us would be so  insane as to put  out a  video if we  were doing drugs at a party? No, there  were no drugs at  the part. But yes, but many guests were blissfully drunk that  night. Consuming  alcohol  is  not  a crime,is it?”

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