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Karanvir Bohra On Bringing Ganpati Home



Karanvir Bohra

 For Karanvir  and  family Ganesh  Chaturthi is  a time for immense  celebration and  introspections.“For my wife Teejay and me, it is  a time be thankful for all that  Ganesha has  given us.Our three  beautiful daughters are all we ever needed. It is time of  good vibrations, happy feelings meeting people.”

Of course meeting people  is now  restricted. Says  Karanvir, “I  don’t mind when  I have the  best company possible  for Ganesha  Chaturthi at home: the four lovely Goddesses  of  my life, my wife and three daughters. They are my Parvati, Durga,Saraswati and Kali.Ganeshaji brings so  much positivity into our home. You should come here and see  how vibrant  the  mood is in my home. It’s  Ganpati Bappa gracing our  humble  abode. We can feel his presence,” says Karanvir happily.

The actor  admits Covid has changed the profile  of  the Ganpati festivities.  “We cannot have  visitors at home. That’s  a  huge  dampener . Ganpati without visitors is like  a wedding without music.However  on the  bright side…I made the  Ganesha idol of clay with  my own hands.My two elder daughters Gia  and Raya  also made clay Ganesha idols, one each.And  my enterprising  little daughters  who cried and cried when they had to send off Ganpati for Visarjan last year,  have found an innovative  way  of keeping  Him at home . This  year we will plant seeds in the  clay idol and  bury it in our  home, so He will remain  with us for all times. How  wonderful that my daughters gave us this idea to keep Bappa  in our home  throughout the year.”

Karanvir’s  advice to the idol-rich devotees this year: “Celebrate  with Ganesha  at  home.  Do not  indulge  in collective  celebrations this  year. Ganesha  willing, we can all come out on the streets next year again.”

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