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Kartik Aaryan’s Shehzada Postponed By A Week, Producer Aman Gill Explains  Why




The Pathaan  wave  is growing stronger by  the day. At the rate at which it has stormed the  boxoffice  it is  likely to join the elite group  of  the biggest  hits of all times.

Kartik Aaryan’s Shehzada which is expected to be the next post-Pathaan blockbuster has now been  shifted forward  ,from  February 10 to  February 17 ,by a week to allow Pathaan to grow even  further.

Sources close to the project say the decision  was taken by the  producers only after consulting Kartik Aaryan.Kartik a huge Shah Rukh Khan fan , saw wisdom in  giving Pathaan more space to grow.

Speaking on  behalf of  the  co-producers  of Shehzada , producer Aman Gill said, “Yes,we  have  postponed  Shehzada  by a week. Considering the historic  hit that Pathaan  has become, we all saw wisdom in giving it  a completely free window for an  extra week to grow. We all feel  the  massive  success of   Pathaan  can only mean good things for the  film industry.  We hope Pathaan has opened the floodgates for success at the  boxoffice.”

Gill adds that Shehzada’s  leading man Kartik Aaryan was  absolutely gung-ho about the postponement.  “We the producers of Shehzada  took Kartik into confidence. He was  with us all the way in the decision to move our film forward  by a week.”

Considering the way Pathaan is going, it is  the  best  decision Kartik  and the producers  of Shehzada could have taken.

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