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Keeravani To  Perform His Nominated  Song At  The Oscars




M M Keeravani  who has  given  India the  hope  of winning an Oscar for Best Song, is  getting ready  to perform his  nominated  song Naatu naatu live at  the Oscars ceremony on March 12  in  Los Angeles.

Keeravani whose  song stands  a very good chance of winning the Oscar, is nervous  about  facing an august gathering   of the most distinguished Hollywood  personalities.

“I am  confident  about winning. But performing the song live in front of such a gathering needs a  lot of preparation and rehearsals,”  says  Keeravani.

One  of his  primary  concerns is his weight.   “For  too long now I’ve neglected  my health. It  was  only at the Golden Globe when even standing and giving the speech became  a problem that I  became aware of my obesity. I am out of shape.  If  the  body is  not  healthy,the  mind cannot  be fully functional.If I am going to  compose more songs  that make my country  proud, I’ve to be healthy  in  both  body and mind.”

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