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Kirti Kulhari On Life After 4 Shots



Indu Sarkar’s  Kirti Kulhari is the  new  Queen  of  the  Web. Her new series Four More Shots Please  Season 2  is  breaking  the internet.

And that’s keeping her  busy even during the lockdown. “I am working, promoting Four More Shots Please  from home. I am also  connecting a lot with my fans to talk  about things I believe in , like ayurveda.I am a lot into yoga right now as  a form  of  feeling healthy,  rather than doing weights , etc”

 Kirti is using the  time  to revaluate  her  life. “I can’t wait to start afresh.So many things in my life have  become clearer to  me.I see this isolation  as an opportunity to  heal my soul. I know people are suffering and my heart reaches  out to them. No point in getting anxious and impatient. It is time to  cleanse our interiors.”

Four More Shots says Kirti is  a lot of  fun. “We had  a lot of fun doing  the  two seasons so far. It’s like  a big bunch of friends come together to have fun.  Having said this,I must say  it’s very hectic work . We  shot in Istanbul.Getting  the  relevant  permission, flying  out there  with  such a large crew was  not easy. It all looks  effortless but  it’s a lot of hard work along with  fun. All of us four leads  in the  series  Sayani  Gupta,  Bani J, Maanvi Gagroo and I,   have grown close,  though we  have had our share of  differences and  times when we connected with one  more than other. But now all four of us  in a healthy space.  The show  has  brought us  together. We’re emotionally connected.”

Kirti had to  perform a lot  of  sexually frank scenes  and  dialogues for the  series. And she  was okay with that.  “I am very comfortable  with sexual themes. I  was  very  much ready to take on the  frank sexual content.  It was liberating  doing it.”

  Four More Shots apart,  Kirti is treating  the lockdown as a time of  self-evaluation.  “It a time of  introspection . There’s  very less movie watching.  I am somehow in a  more meditative space. I am reading after a  long time .If I feel like watching something I go for a movie, not a  series. I don’t have the patience  to sit through a series. I am  seeing films that  I missed and  the  ones  that I wanted to re-visit.I am reading cooking, helping my mom with household  chores. I am also connecting with  fans, listening  to music, doing my riyaaz. Most  of all being with  myself.So  it’s  a time of  hyper-activity.”

  Does  Kirti  find herself eating more  than  usual? “Not at  all. I am eating less usual because of less  activity. I am experimenting with my diet for a  year now. I have come to realize that we  eat out of habit more than what  the body needs,. So  since December I’m on  intermittent  fasting. I have become  a much more mindful eater.

Sleep? “My usual 8-9 hours. I am not overdoing  anything . I am leading a  disciplined life  through the crisis.”

Kirti’s advice to her fans  on  how to get  through the current Coronova crisis? “There is a lot to be learnt  from this experience. This  crisis is not about you and  me but  the whole world is engulfed in it. It’s time for  the human race to  re-think .We need  very  little to survive. So  stop the excesse  s. This  is  Mother Nature’s  warning. She is in control.We think we can  rule  the universe.  How wrong we are!  No matter who you are , everyone is in the same situation today.So  get basic  about  your  lifestyle.  Learn  to  share  what we have with others.It’s time to re-condition  our lives. After  a compulsory  pause  it’s time to  press the refresh  button.”

Kirti as a lot on her  plate  in the coming months,. “I am in the official Hindi remake of   The Girl On The Train. I am also  doing a feature film with  director  Raj  Singh Chaudhary where I play a singer. I’ve  a short film directed  by Pavan Kriplani and then I’ve  another series  on  the  OTTplatform at the end of the year which I am  very excited about.”

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