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Kriti Sanon, Kangana’s Sita Performance Requires Immense Preparation



Kriti Sanon

It isn’t easy any longer to play gods  and goddesses. A close fact-check and a  rigorous scrutiny to fob off the moral policing are the order of the day.

It is reliably learnt that the producers and director of Adipurish, the proposed new-age interpretation of the Ramayan, have an inhouse research team to ensure their version of the haloed scripture doesn’t slip up.

A prominent member of the film cast revealed to me, “Nowadays you can’t be too careful, specially with a film that touched on a religious subject. The public sensitivities are hugely amplified. We have to move very carefully.”

Saif had said in an interview that his interpretation of Raavan would be more humane and intellectualized, less demonize. This infuriated the purists, and the makers of Adipurush had to issue a hasty clarification.

While  Prabhas’s Rama, Kriti Sanon’s Sita  and Saif Ali Khan’s Raavan in Adipurush would be monitored  by experts, Kangana Ranaut’s Sita  in the film directed  by Alaukik Desai would be overseen by the actress herself.

“Her right-wing  leanings will make her less vulnerable to censure than Kriti Sanon’s Sita,”  opines  a major filmmaker.

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