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Kuttey Gets An Adults Certification, And Cuts!!!




Debutant  director Aasmaan  Bhardwaj’s Kuttey  which is  all set for release this Friday, has been cleared by the  Central Board Of Film  Certification with an ‘Adults’ certification. Plenty  of  expletives   have been  taken   out of the  soundtrack, which really doesn’t make  any sense.

“Since   an ‘Adults’ certificate  means this is  content for  an adult audience, what sense do the cuts make? Is  the  CBFC trying to say that  adult Indians are not  mature enough to handle profanities  and  cuss words?  The  cuts would only have made sense if the  film had  got  a  non-adult  certification,” wonders  a leading filmmaker , known to get into confrontations with the  CBFC   about his film.

Normally the  CBFC gives films with  unparliamentary  language the  option of toning down the language  for  a ‘UA’ or a ‘U’ certificate  or retaining the language  and getting an ‘A’ certificate.

 To be asked to beep  out or replace expletives  and then be  given an ‘A’ certificate reeks of double standards.

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