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Lalit Pandit : KK Was One Of His Kind”




Composer Lalit Pandit  is still trying to  process the sudden exeunt of singer KK. “This  is  so unfair.Why  would he  go  like this?”

Lalit felt KK had an extraordinary  voice. “ KK was a gifted artist.He had a rare gift of a voice that would touch your heart.Not every singer has that.Maybe one in a million perhaps.”

KK sang many songs for Lalit. “He sang for my film Showbiz produced by Mukesh Bhatt and Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi  which Vikram Bhatt directed.He sang for me and my brother Jatin  too when we worked together.I also made him sing a duet with my sister Vijayta for a film that is yet to release.That was the last song that he sang for me.”

Jatin enjoyed collaborating with KK. “I always had a wonderful experience making him sing my songs and I felt complete and fulfilled once KK had sung my song.He always lived up to my compositions . I did feel satisfied with his renditions.he had a unique kashish in his voice which attracted youth to hear him more and more .”

Lalit notes  that KK wasn’t too fond of Bollywood’s  politics. “He worked less in this industry and wasn’t ever a part of the rat-race.He was completely  confident in his  space and content  with what he had!The consistency of delivering a hit song that he had with his voice was great.”

On  a personal note, Lalit Pandit shares  a warm rapport with KK .  “He was a wonderful friend and a likeable person and always fun to work with.I will miss him! I pray we have  more artists of his talent and  temperament  than what we have now.An artist should be humble no matter what height he achieves  in his career.What he leaves  behind is  memories of  what  he was as a person.KK was a good soul .The music fraternity and me have lost a friend.”

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