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Lara Dutta’s Father Was Close To Mrs Indira Gandhi



Lara Dutta

 The always -underrated  Lara Dutta has shocked everyone with her  incognito appearance   in  Bell Bottom. No one recognized Lara under that expert makeup as  the former prime  minister  of India  Mrs Indira Gandhi.

Getting to that level of physical  resemblance  to the original character was  not easy. Lara Dutta who says she grabbed the opportunity  to play  Mrs Gandhi without  considering the  length  of   the role,  tells  me, “It wouldn’t have been  possible   without the efforts of a brilliant makeup and prosthetics team. I had to  spend three hours in the makeup chair.”

Lara Dutta  spoke to  someone  really close to her  and  to Mrs Gandhi  during the course of her research  on the  character. “I   studied a lot of videos and I got  inputs from my father who was Mrs Gandhi’s   personal pilot in the airforce. He gave me a lot of insight on her.”

Such a startling transformation  was seen only once before when  Meryl  Streep transformed  in Margaret Thatcher in  The Iron Lady.

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