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Lata Mangeshkar On Why Ganesh Chaturthi This Year Is Different And Yet Same




It’s an open house  at the  Mangeshkars  every year during the Ganesh Chaturthi season.Not this year, though.

Says  Lataji, “Every year during this  festive season of Ganesh Chuturthi  we have a free flow of guests . Our home is filled with  the sound of laughter and the  scent of delicacies.  But this  year the Virus  has  taken away  all the social  interaction that is such an essential part  of  Festival. This  year it’s just  our family, and  though we miss the  visitors we are very happy to  celebrate with just us  in the house.”

Lataji has  advice  for  Lord Ganapati’s devotees, “Social  distancing is  the need of the hour. It is  not advisable to create crowds this  festive season . Bring  Bappa home and  celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi  with the  family  at home.”

Lataji recalls , “When  my  mother was alive Ganesh Chaturthi meant  lots of food, lots of sweets  and delicacies. We sisters  and brother  of  our family  have tried to  keep the  tradition alive.There is no dearth of fervor and  enthusiasm this years also. Even if we can’t have visitors  the goodwill and  the  bonding remain . Keep your hearts  open this season. Let the love  flow.”

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