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“Leave Rekha Out Of This,” Hema Malini Defends Her Friend’s Right To Privacy



 There  have been some  very unfortunate  attempts to connect Rhea Chakraborty’s alleged  responsibility  for  Sushant Singh Rajput’s death  with the iconic screen queen Rekha’s long-forgotten marriage  in 1990 with one Mukesh Aggarwal who allegedly committed suicide.

Rekha’s close friend Hema Malini jumped  to defend  the reclusive diva, “Bechari wohkahan se iss beech mein aa gayi(how did poor Rekha come into the  current  discussion)? It is so brutally unfair to drag someone  so senior and respected and someone who guides her privacy for fiercely, into the current  debate.”

Hemaji  requests  the  media  to exercise self-control. “Please don’t unnecessarily create scandals and  controversies  out of something that happened 30 years  ago. Rekha is now  living her a very private  life. Why remind  the public of a long-forgotten incident?”

In 1990 Rekha married a fan who  killed himself with her   dupatta.

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