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Let’s Hope The Anurag-Taapsee Film Is Better Than Their Promotional Teaser



Things haven’t been  going  too well  for Anurag  Kashyap lately.  But he  is now in the mood  to  bounce back. In what seems  like  a hurried ill thought-out  move, Kashyap  has  dropped  a announcement-teaser  for  his first film  after he was accused of sexual misconduct.

Sadly  the  promotional  video of  the  film entitled Dobaara tells us  nothing  about  the film that Kashyap  wants to  make with Taapsee. Is  it a  suspense  film?  More  like suspense  about what  Kashyap wants  to  make. When I asked Kashyap what he can tell  me about Dobaara he  replied, “Nothing. I prefer  people to  not know  much about  my film  before the trailer  comes  out”.

Anurag   should  know audiences  go for  only the films that they  like in the pre-release  promos.Being mysterious about your product is  not  the best way to get attention.

In that case why put out  such  a tacky video? The brief dreadfully shot  video shows Taapseelolling at home when Kashyap “shows  up” on her television offering her a  new film .

 Let’s hope the proposed film Dobaara  turns out to be  far more enticing than its introduction which smacks of a  slapdash  presentation. Neither Taapsee nor  Kashyap’s heart seems  to be in it. 

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