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Liger To Get The Biggest Release For A South Indian Hero In Bollywood, Vijay Deverekonda Reacts



Liger To Get The Biggest Release

 Bigger than even Rajinikanth,is  how  the release strategy of Vijay Deverakonda’s  Hindi debut Liger is being described by those close to the project.Apparently producer Karan  Johar will leave no stone unturned  to project and market Vijay as  the  Next Best Thing in Bollywood,  bigger than even Prabhas.

“The  last time we saw  Karan so charged  about one of his actors’  debut was when  he  launched Varun  Dhawan(in The Student  Of The Year) , ” a  close friend of Karan tells  me.

Liger director Puri Jagannath who has been partying hard with Vijay Deverekonda and Karan Johar in  Mumbai   is  planning another  action film with  Vijay.

“Vijay was unstoppable in  Telugu cinema. Now with Hindi  cinema opening its doors for  him he is  expected to conquer the entire  belt  from the Ganga to the Gangotri,” a Dharma  source tells  me excitedly.

Says Vijay Deverekonda  excitedly, “Liger is  going to be   a  full-on big-screen experience. We’ve worked very hard  on  the  action sequences .They’re  like nothing audiences have seen before. I am confident Liger will bring audiences back into theatres.”

Three cheers  to that.

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