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Mahesh Babu Was The  first Choice For Pushpa



Mahesh Babu 

Every role has its own destiny. Ashutosh Gowariker’s Lagaan  was meant  to go to  Aamir Khan which is  why Abhishek  Bachchan rejected  it not once but  six times.

Now  that Pushpa The  Rise  is  a phenomenal  success it would be safe to say that we cannot imagine any other star-actor  but Allu Arjun in  lead   role .

And to think   that the  original  choice  for Pushpa  was  another Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu.

According to  sources  in Hyderabad director  Sukumar was keen to cast  Mahesh Babu  and  approached  him more than once.

“However Mahesh Babu has made a career vow to not  play anti-social characters. He  loved the  script  of Pushpa.But he didn’t think he was the  right fit for  the role  as he didn’t believe in playing  anti-social  characters,” says  the source.

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