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Mahesh Bhatt On  Dimple Kapadia On Her 66th Birthday



Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia in Bobby

“Dimple Kapadia is the most generous Indian actress I have worked with. Our journey began with an unusual film called Kaash, which dealt with the bitter truth of life,  that ultimately, you have to part with all that you love. The story revolved around a separated husband and wife (played  by Jackie Shroff  and Dimple Kapadia) who come together to fulfill the last three wishes of their terminally ill child, and how their relationship evolves through this painful experience. Dimple gave her heart to this role, and we both did our best. Although the film didn’t do well at the box office due to its alternate cinema core, our relationship blossomed.I call her the most generous woman because when we needed her for a special appearance in Kabza, she agreed without hesitation and didn’t charge a penny. This was a huge gesture from a star like her and helped lay the foundation for Vishesh Films, the production house I ran with my brother Mukesh. Her contribution went beyond just one role; it was crucial to our company’s early success.Though Kabzaa was an average success, it made enough profit for us to move forward. I am very grateful for Dimple’s presence in my life, and she remains a cherished memory for me.

Happy birthday Dimple.”

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