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Mahesh Bhatt Remembers His Arth Producer Kuljit Pal Who Passed Away On June 24



Mahesh Bhatt

Producer  Kuljit Pal who passed away  on June 24, produced three  of  Mahesh Bhatt’s films including the game-changing Arth,  also Aaj and Aashiana.

Recalling his  long association with  Kuljit, Mahesh says, “I used call Kuljit , Kuki. He was a force of nature, overflowing with a generous heart. His presence lit up every room, and his infectious humor brought joy to all.”

   It is  Kuljit’s influence in  his life that Mahesh  recalls most vividly,  “It’s the profound impact he had on my life that I treasure most.Without Kuli’s unwavering support, my masterpiece Arth may never have come to life. When the industry turned its back on me and my career seemed destined for failure, Kuli stood by my side as a pillar of strength. He believed in my vision when no one else did.”

 Mahesh  recalls sharing tough and joyous times with Kuldip. “Together, we faced countless challenges, persevering through the toughest times. After completing Arth’s principal photography, we embarked on a grueling journey to find a producer who shared our unwavering conviction. Finally, Mr. Raj Chopra of Competent Movies emerged—a rare gem who believed in the power of our story beyond box office numbers.”

But it was  Kuldip’s  belief  in  Bhatt’s talent that made the  director believe in himself. “Kuli’s unwavering faith and support that carried me through. He saw something in me that others didn’t, and I’ll forever be grateful. He gave me strength to overcome obstacles that threatened to shatter my dreams.”

Mahesh gets misty-eyed over the  loss. “As I reflect on his legacy, my thoughts turn to his beloved daughter, Anamika. She now faces a world without her father’s radiant presence. It’s  a void that can never be filled. Kuli was her sunshine, her guiding light, and my heart aches for her loss.Kuli’s generosity, bravery, and unwavering support are etched in my soul. He shaped my journey, revived my spirit, and enabled me to create art that resonates with audiences today. I’m forever indebted to him for his love, belief, and unwavering support.”

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