5th November 2020

Man Claims He Was Inspired By Mirzapur To Murder A Girl

 The brutal death  of  Nikita Tomar  in  a town  called  Mewat  in  Haryana  was allegedly inspired  by Mirzapur2.So claims  the assailant who says he  was impelled  to kill  the  girl who rejected  him, in  the same way  that Munna played  by Divyendu Sharma  killed  the  girl who refused  him in Mirzapur 2.

This is  a serious charge  and  could have excessively   damaging  repercussions on  the controversial  series.  

Kangana Ranaut   has tweeted  in the heinous crime remarking,  “ This is what happens when you glorify criminals when negative and dark characters are played by good looking young men and they are shown as anti-heroes, not villains then this is the result, shame on Bullywood for causing more damage than good always…”          

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I tried to get  Divyendu  Sharma to comment  on  the  issue. He refused.                                                                                  


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