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Manoj Bajpai Loved His Interaction With Kane Williamson



Manoj Bajpai

Manoj Bajpai was invited by  Amazon Prime  Video  to interview  the New Zealand cricket team for a sports special .

Explaining the  unlikely  union Manoj  says, “I am part of  Amazon Prime’s famil. My association with Amazon with their  webseries   Family Man has proven very rewarding.  It  has been really exhilarating…They are  going  to stream all the New Zealand matches and they thought  I was  the best person to interview Kane  and all the other New Zealand crickets  male  and female.”

Manoj’s interest in cricket goes back a long way. “I have played cricket very aggressively during my school days, so  much so that I even had a village  team in Belwa(Bihar) back then. I was an avid rigorous cricket player till the time I shifted to Delhi at age 17  to pursue  my acting career,, I used to play very serious cricket.In Delhi also I’d play cricket whenever  I could.And even after In shifted to Mumbai I continued to sneak in a game with  the gully boys whenever I could.”

Manoj’s  late father  was an avid cricket fan. “I still  remember  him  taking  his  transistor to  the fields whenever a match was on. Like in  many Indian homes,cricket was  a way of life in my home. I learnt the nuances  and intricacies  of cricket  from my father. His passion for  the game was unparalleled. He wouldn’t miss  the commentary of  any match if he could help  it.This experience with Amazon has reminded  me  how much of  my father’s son I am when  it comes to cricket. It’s a passion that runs in the family.”

Manoj  speaks enthusiastically about the  interview with  Kane Williamson. “Conversing  with Kane Williamson was  a pleasure and a privilege.I have been  following the cricketing  journey  of these New Zealand  players .And why only me? You can talk to  any cricket buff. He  will tell you how interesting and inspiring the New Zealand team is. We all know how wonderful they are on  the field. What  I admire  about  the New Zealand team is that they are so quiet  and yet so aggressive on the field.”

Manoj  discovered that Williamson  was as much a family man as Manoj. “The   most  interesting thing about the  experience  was that Kane came to our interview after feeding his child. He is as devoted  to his family as he is to the game.So in that sense  he is  a Family Man in the true sense, just like me.Kane is a  very reserved  guy, just like me. He  also has a great sense  of humour. He can take  a joke on his chin. He responded  to all the  fun questions in the right  spirit. We  have a lot to learn about self-deprecation  from the  Western world. Never take your success too seriously.  I try not to.”

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