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Mel Gibson Hits Below Ground Level In His New Film



Force Of Nature(Amazon)

Starring  Kate Bosworth as Troy,Emile Hirsch as Cardillo,Mel Gibson as Ray,Stephanie Cayo as Jess,David Zayas as John the Baptist

Directed by  Michael Polish

Rating: * ½

What happens when a  superstar falls from grace? Mel Gibson was the  God Of All Celluloid Things in the  1980-90s. Then in the new millennium  he was embroiled in a series of scandals which blew his career to bits. Now he’s reduced  to being a part  of cinema as  bottom-of-the-barrel as  this trashy stunted stunt stint.

 Mr  Gibson  should  just just give up before he’s  booted  out forcibly. Force Of Nature  which  has gone to Video On Demand  during the lockdown, is  the worst film of Gibson’s career  and it isn’t even  ‘his’ film. The  lead role  of a cop is  played by Emille Hirsch  who Mel Gibson from Lethal Weapon without the lethal charm.

In the beginning we see Hirsch putting a gun into his mouth .But he doesn’t pull  the trigger.

Considering what follows, I wish he had. The intended livewire action set during a devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico follows the Diehard  formula with a bunch  of  ‘brave’  heroes battling the  baddies who are bullies  of the  first order. The action is largely  orchestrated  in cramped corridors  with the rain lashing down non-stop. It makes for some interesting  fights,for those who like  filth  in  their  blood  .But there is a meager scope for  the plot to grow beyond anything but a  but  of active steroids pumped into proceedings that are more pompous than  riveting.

 Where does  Mr Gibson fit  into all this? You may well ask. He is a gruffy burnt-out ex-cop who gives  the  two cops Cardillo and Jess,played with playful dimestore valour by  Emille Hirch  and Stephanie Cayo who  look so miserable soaked  in  the  rain that you  just wish a couple  of warm blankets  and a cosy fireside  for them.

 As  for this  film. Its plans for theatrical release  after the pademic are as tenable as chances  of Mel Gibson doing Lethal Weapon 5.

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